Story #5
Bodyman (Experience Required)
In the near future, when gun deaths become an everyday occurrence, a displaced roadkill cleanup worker applies for the newly federal-mandated position of ‘bodyman’. Nerves persist for the potential employee when the interview takes a dark turn and the grim details of the job are revealed.

A recent finalist for the One Screen Short Film Festival, ‘Bodyman’ paints a chilling portrait for the potential of what is to come.

Directors: Ryan R Browne, Nick Ciffone

Written by: Nick Ciffone​

Executive Producers: Nate Barr, Amy Pietz​

Producers: Jim Brattin, Joe Maggiore

Cinematographer: Chris Saul

W. Earl Brown as Hugh

Marcus Henderson as Steven

Editor: Jim Hutchins, HutchCo

Music: Gareth Williams, Human



Left to right:
Writer & Co-Director - Nick Ciffone
Actors - Marcus Henderson and
W. Earl Brown