Story #3
Swan Song of the Skunkape
“It exists…" 

A short-form documentary on South Florida's strangest bipedal resident, as told by the rare few who claim they've encountered the creature. At over 1.5 million acres, the 'Glades are the largest wilderness area east of the Mississippi, with thousands of acres untouched by man. If indeed something this strange could exist, it would surely be here.

A milieu of characters including a man-hunter, cryptozoologist, indigenous conservationist, field researcher, and erotic photographer, tell the story of South Florida's weirdest resident. They paint a portrait of a people and place as endangered as the beast itself, all at risk of being lost to history.

We are proud to release Swan Song of the Skunkape as the latest original short from Curator Pictures. We hope you have as much fun watching it as we did producing it.
Director & Editor - Brad Abrahams
Executive Producer - Nate Barr
Producer - Matt Ralston
Cinematography - Trevor Fife
Color & Design - Jeremy Stuart
Original Score - Danny Wolfers
Sound Design & Mix - John Buroker, HEARby Sound
Canon C300
Sony a7S
Zeiss Glass
Skunk-Ape Research Facility - Ochopee, FL
Watch your step.