Story #4
The Talent
The Talent is a documentary short about the world of commercial acting. It follows three actors at different stages in their careers: new to the industry, established working actor and experienced veteran.

Thousands of actors move to Los Angeles every year, but only four percent are ever able to make a living in their profession. 'The Talent' explores what it takes to make it in the industry, how they deal with the overwhelming uncertainty of their career and the difficult question 'What does it mean to 'make it?''

As always, there was an incredible group effort put into making this film and we hope you enjoy the latest original short from Curator Pictures.
Director: JD Walsh
Executive Producer: Nate Barr
Producer: Matt Ralston
Cinematography: David Robert Jones
Location & Casting: ASG Casting
Editor: Felipe Marmolejo
Title Design: Rob Brambila
Original Score & Mix: Pico Sound
Arri Alexa
Canon C300
“My least favorite part of auditioning is putting three changes of clothes in my car and driving around this town all day."
“You get to these auditions...
and you're not allowed to park in the lots..."